Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Helping your Children with Homework

The Homework Blues

"School Boy Being Stressed" by David Castillo Dominici

Does this look familiar to you?

It happens to just about everyone at some point and time.  Your child comes home, carrying a backpack full of books, notes, and devices, dragging after a long day of school.  The last thing anyone wants to do is homework, must be done.
Courtesy of, there is a FREE pdf available for download (in English and Spanish) that will help you with some of these homework issues.  It includes great tips for working with students in elementary school and in junior high, but many strategies can apply to even older students.
When you need additional help, reach out to Academic & Behavioral Consulting of N.H.  Whether your child just needs some help with homework, some tutoring, or has special leaning needs, we would love to help!

10 Big Autism News Stories of 2013

As I'm sure already know, awareness about Autism has spread dramatically in the past few years.  Everyone knows someone who is diagnosed somewhere on the spectrum.  These news stories cover topics such as wandering, a revision to the definition of the diagnosis of Autism, challenges faced by those affected by Autism and so much more.  Please take a minute to visit this site and read this stories or watch the accompanying videos.